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Tools, not Toys

There is an ever-growing presence of mobile devices in our lives today. With approximately 1 in 4 adults owning a tablet device and 1 in 2 owning a smartphone, chances are you or someone in your family has an iPad, a tablet PC, or a smart phone. These devices help keep us connected to our families, friends, and careers in constantly evolving ways. Most of us are used to getting our company email sent straight to our phone, and of course taking company calls, but that’s about where the work ends.

We go home and use our phones to check Facebook and Twitter, and we pick up our tablets to read a book or play a game (Angry Birds or Candy Crush anyone?). But why does their use have to stop there? There are lightweight, powerful devices at our disposal and we use them for miniscule tasks and entertainment.  But a few forward thinkers are starting to unleash the power of these amazing gadgets to make our work easier and more efficient.

There are a growing number of apps available for Apple and Google mobile devices that are specifically targeted at making our jobs more efficient. And it goes way beyond being able to mark up PDFs or edit a spreadsheet. There are apps available for project management and coordination, site visits and punch lists, and, of course, working with sketches and 3D models.

So imagine being in a client meeting and sketching new ideas right over the top of the existing drawings. Or think about getting real-time discussions on a project from designers and contractors. Imagine going to the job site and taking pictures and making notes with a 1 pound tablet instead of that behemoth of a drawing set.

Something to make you more productive? There’s an app for that.

Some of my favorites:

Launching with the Correct Release

Typically the most recent release of Revit, or any of our Autodesk products for that matter, was the last to be installed. This means that Windows will default to launching this release when opening a native file. But sometimes either the current release wasn’t the last one installed or we are still doing the majority of our work in a previous release. We all know what a nightmare it can be trying to make sure files don’t get upgraded accidentally and it can be a huge pain to have an older version launch when the file you’re opening was authored in a later version. Fear not! There is a solution to make sure the desired release of Revit is opened. Continue reading

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The Missing Link…

Have you ever linked in a Revit model from another team and BAM… nothing. Just when you were about to get a look at their progress on the model you don’t see anything at all. You use Zoom > Extents to make sure it isn’t located off in space somewhere. You check Manage Links to make sure the link shows as loaded. Looking at other views doesn’t help either. It’s like the linked model is invisible. Well, it probably is. Sort of…

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Come Listen to Me Speak at Autodesk University 2013!

If you’re going to Autodesk University this year (December 3-5, The Venetian Resort and Casino, Las Vegas), come and check it out:

 Making Fulls Use of the Power of Lookup Tables (Wednesday 12/4 – 1:00 PM-2:00 PM)

This class shows users how Autodesk® Revit® MEP building design software uses lookup tables to automatically size pipe, conduit, and cable tray fittings properly. We look at how lookup tables are formatted and how the Revit family references the lookup table. Users will better understand the role of lookup tables in Revit and be able to use lookup tables when creating and editing families.

And if you just want to party, Enceptia is holding a customer appreciation reception on Monday night. When you register for Autodesk University, make sure you indicate that you received an invitation from Enceptia and you’ll be given an invitation to the reception. (If you’ve already registered, you can edit your profile information and update it with the Enceptia invitation)

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See you there!

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The Devil is in the Detail Level

Have you ever wondered why the Detail Level is set to Coarse for 1/4″=1′-0″ plans but Medium for 3/8″=1′-0″ plans? It can get really annoying to have multiple views come up with the undesired Detail Level by default. But guess what? You can tell Revit what view scales should default to which detail level! Want to find out how? Read on..

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Here’s Your Sign

How do I make those special symbols in Revit??? Revit uses the character map feature of Windows, so it will vary slightly depending on the font you’re using in Revit. Continue reading

Dude, Where’s My Element?

Ever wonder why an element is showing up (or not showing up) a certain way? Revit has a hierarchy that is applied to graphics settings. Continue reading

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Be an Exporting Wizard

Many times in projects it is necessary to take some or all of a Revit model and convert it into CAD information. This is sometimes at the request of a consultant, the client, or even the reviewing agency. Some entities even have requirements for the layers and colors that the information is received in. We all know Revit can export to CAD, and if you’ve ever just clicked your way through the dialog, you know you can get some pretty crazy results!
But you may ask: Can we control how the information is translated into CAD and make our lives a little easier? The answer is yes, my friends! Follow the instructions below and you’ll be an exporting wizard in no time!

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