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Revit Video Tutorial – Template Creation and Development

I have begun creating a series of video tutorials to supplement our standard Revit classes. The first one is done and posted to Enceptia’s YouTube channel:

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Enceptia Showcases Partnerships for Construction, Fabrication and Collaboration at AU 2014

We had a booth at Autodesk University this year that was hard to miss. We have partnered with two other firms, Geoshack and Applied Software Technologies, to bring a full suite of solutions for the construction and fabrication industry. But wait… if you’re not involved with construction or fabrication, don’t stop reading… In fact, check out the video that we posted to YouTube to encapsulate those partnerships as well as others that we have formed over the past year or so to be able to provide collaboration tools for the entire AEC community, whether you do construction, fabrication or design.


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Revit Update Release 5

I think this may be a new record… FIVE updates in a single release. You’ll find the links in the following article – however NOTE! – If you have Update Release 4 R2 you need to download the Update 5 for that specific version.

Revit 2015 Update 5 from The Revit Clinic blog

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Install the RIGHT Revit 2015 Update 4!!!

Last week I reported the availability of Autodesk Revit 2015 Update 4 R2 – and I stated that if you are on subscription it includes a variety of new features – a list of which can be found here:

Revit 2015 Update 4 R2 – new features

However I neglected to mention one really important thing…

Make sure you are installing the CORRECT update! There are actually two – one for subscription customers, that includes all the new features, and one of non-subscription customers that doesn’t. If you are on subscription and you install the non-subscription version, you will need to completely uninstall Revit and reinstall before you can install the Update 4 R2 version for subscription customers.

As I said in the previous article, access the version for subscription customers from your subscription web site. If you are NOT on subscription, go to the normal Autodesk product update downloads page for that version.

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Revit R2 (Update 4)

Revit Update 4 (or Revit R2) is now available for subscription customers:


To download, go to your subscription site and check the listings for new product enhancements. Click the link for the appropriate Revit download and follow your nose from there.

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Note that you should have Revit Update 3 installed before installing Update 4 (R2).

In particular, I’m excited about the prospects for much more viable site creation/editing tools in the Site Designer – which you can download and install from the App Store – again for subscription customers only.

9-18-2014 9-42-22 AM

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AutoCAD Architecture Project Browser Crashes

Recent Windows Updates are causing issues with the AutoCAD Architecture (and AutoCAD MEP) Project Browser.  A recent Knowledgebase article points to Microsoft updates  MS14-037 (KB2962872 – July 8, 2014) and MS14-051 (KB2976627 – August 12, 2014) as the culprits. I’ve had a couple of customers call with this issue and following the uninstall procedures in that article resolved the issue. (Remember to hide them to prevent re-installation at a later date).

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Revit 2014 Model Performance Technical Note – and More

Autodesk has updated the model performance technical note – it’s got tons of information on how to get the most out of your Revit installation – from hardware recommendations, including Revit Server, to modeling “best practices” and worksharing suggestions. You can get your copy here.

And as a bonus, there is also a technical document on running Revit on a Mac.

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Missing Revit Family Templates – and Other Stuff?

We’ve been getting a lot of calls since people started installing Revit 2015 about missing content – no “stock” families, error messages about the Family Template Path being invalid, no family templates installed, no project templates installed, etc. This is apparently a fairly common problem with the installation of Revit – it was a problem for a few people with Revit 2014, but it seems to be much more prevalent with Revit 2015, and is addressed in great detail an Autodesk Knowledge Base article.

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Pay Attention to the Check Engine light…

When your car starts making that strange noise or that check engine light comes on, we’ve mostly learned (sometimes the hard way), the longer we wait until we address it the more expensive it can become.

The same thing can happen with your Revit Projects if you don’t pay attention to warning signs.

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Revit 2014 Update 3 Released

Update 3 for Revit 2014 has been released, including the Suite product. You can find the link appropriate for your flavor at the Revit Clinic.

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