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AutoCAD tip: Layer Isolate Settings

I’ve had several calls from users who have been confused about the layer isolate (LAYISO) command.

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Can’t find my English version of AutoCAD

In the new accounts download section a user must pick a language to use to download the software.  Initially they only see Chinese, Korean, and Spanish.  They must use that inconspicuous scroll bar to the right to get to English: Continue reading

Revit Video Tutorial – Template Creation and Development

I have begun creating a series of video tutorials to supplement our standard Revit classes. The first one is done and posted to Enceptia’s YouTube channel:

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AutoCAD Tip: Ortho on the fly

Ever been drawing freely and you suddenly need to draw a line orthogonally, but you don’t want to click on the ORTHO button in the tray and you don’t want to bother with hitting the F8 button on the keyboard?
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Google Earth Pro – FREE

Yes, you read it correctly! Google Earth Pro is now free:
Google Earth Pro Free

AutoCAD Tip: Full of Sheet

Now that I have your attention. . .

I’m sure most of you out there have gone into paper space with your 24×36 (or any size) title block and have noticed that even though your sheet is the right size (say 24″ by 36″) you’re stil missing part of your title block when you plot preview:
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AutoCAD Tip: Lagging Cursor

You notice that when you move your cursor over an object it begins to lag.  You’ve enabled/disabled your hardware acceleration, but the lag remains.  If you you have xrefs in the drawing then that could be your culprit.  To over come this try creating a layer filter that excludes all the xref layers Use the name filter ~*|* as seen here:














Now set the layer filter current and your issue should subside.

Thanks to my good buddy, Tom Richardson for passing this along to me.

AutoCAD Tip – Move object to origin

You’ve got an object floating in space and you’d like to move it from it’s current location to the origin (0,0).  So you activate the move command, select the object, select your basepoint, and type in 0,0, but nothing happens.  The object stays put.

Dynamic Input (command: DYNMODE  or F12) effects this behavior.  When it is on and you type 0,0 for your displacement you’re essentially telling the software to leave the object right where it is.  But when it it toggled off and you type in 0,0 you are informing the software to move the object to the origin.

Revit Update Release 5

I think this may be a new record… FIVE updates in a single release. You’ll find the links in the following article – however NOTE! – If you have Update Release 4 R2 you need to download the Update 5 for that specific version.

Revit 2015 Update 5 from The Revit Clinic blog

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AutoCAD Tip: Maximize your viewport

Have you ever been working in a drawing with so many layout tabs in it that you feared having to go all the way to the Model tab just to get into model space?

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