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Autodesk 2015 Products are Here

By Matt Dillon

Most, if not all of the Autodesk 2015 products are now shipping and are available for download, with the Suites soon to follow.

As always, we strongly recommend that you, your CAD Manager, BIM Manager, or whoever handles this sort of thing download and install the new software on a non-production machine first to explore the new features, before rolling it out to your entire office. Don’t forget to disable your anti-virus software before installing, and when you download, do not use the “Install Now” option. Use the “Download Now” (Download Manager) option ideally, or failing that, use the “Browser Download” option.

Borrowing a Network License

By Dave Morse

I’ve recently had a client need instructions on how one of his users, who was working remotely, could use VPN to access a network license, and then borrow that license so that he could work while being disconnected.   Continue reading

The Autodesk Virtual Agent Mystery Solved! Download your Software

By Dave Morse

I’ve created a document in recent months, which outlines the steps users can take to download their Autodesk software, only to have it quickly become obsolete due to changes on the Autodesk website.  I then, created a blog post, which depicted the new method for downloading, using the Virtual Agent on Autodesk.com.  Once again, my efforts were thwarted by yet another change to Autodesk’s website. Continue reading

Adding an Image to your Inventor Title Block

By Dave Morse

This topic has been widely discussed in the Inventor forums, but I still find users asking me how to do it, so I thought it would be prudent to post it for future reference.  Continue reading

How to Find Recommended Hardware for Autodesk Products

By Dave Morse

Not all computers are created equal.  There is a significant difference between a desktop computer, which is used for desktop applications like Microsoft Office,  and a workstation computer, which is used for design applications like Autodesk Inventor.  Continue reading

Export an Inventor Part or Assembly to DWG for Revit

By Dave Morse

So, you want to take your Inventor .ipt file and bring it into Revit, but you’re not sure how.  Continue reading

Creating a Numbering Scheme in Autodesk Vault

By Dave Morse

One of the Administrative tasks to perform on your Vault Workgroup or Vault Professional installation is to determine and to set up a numbering scheme for items and files.  Continue reading

No longer the Curly Shuffle, It’s now the Knurly Shuffle!

By Dave Morse

Okay, so I watched way too much TV as a kid. Curly, from The Three Stooges, was one of my favorites.  So, naturally, I put my own twist on the title of this post. Continue reading

After Upgrading Vault … Migrate your Files

By Dave Morse

Once you have upgraded your Vault from a previous release to the current one, you need to migrate your inventor files to the current version.  You can choose to do this on each file that you check out, save and check in to the vault, or you can use the Task Scheduler. Continue reading

Publish your iParts to your Custom Library

By Dave Morse

In my last post, Creating Categories in the Content Center Editor, we completed the task of creating an organizational structure for our custom parts to be published to.  In today’s post, we will be using the Content Center Publish Part function to engage the Publish Guide.  Continue reading

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