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Dr Otto Cad

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I am dr. otto cad

Welcome to my world. You have choseN wisely to be here, and I salute you for it.

After twenty-plus years of providing software and traiNing to the architecture, eNgineering and maNufacturing design commuNity, we at eNceptia have learNed a few things. Dr_Otto_Cad

It’s not eNough just to hand over some exciting, flashy new design tool and say “design well and prosper!” Other important things need to happen, such as:Dr_Otto_Cad

1. your “IT for Design” infrastructure should be in place and finely tuned

2. TraiNing and continuing  education needs to happeN oN how to properly eNgage at peak
performance with your shiny new software

3. you need a vibraNt, active coNNection to the growing community of techNo-savy design nerds and creative thiNkers who love what you love – making it happeN!Dr_Otto_Cad

So welcome to my lair, the home of “Design
Nerd and Creative Thinker number 1 ”
– Yours Truly.Dr_Otto_Cad

My minions and I eagerly await serving you on your quest for the leading edge.Dr_Otto_Cad

We will expose your eye balls and grey matter to new desigN software, services, techniques, tips, how-tos, and training for your design journey.Dr_Otto_Cad

- But wait, that’s not all!

Hurry and joiN the “Dr Otto CAD Official Fan Club”.
If you join during our Enceptia launch, you will become the proud recipient of…Dr_Otto_Cad
You know it – I know it –
ResistaNce is futile.

Go ahead guys and gals – Click this link to join!Dr_Otto_Cad

you will soon begin the indoctrination process into all that is “Enceptia-nal”.
Yes I said it.
Now, get back to work.