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The Enceptia Fabrication Value Pack

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Autodesk® Fabrication CADmep™ and Autodesk® Fabrication ESTmep™ are powerful MEP fabrication solutions that demand a significant time and effort investment to unleash their full potential. It can require weeks, or even months, to properly configure these products.

The Enceptia Fabrication Value Pack, with all three applications bundled, accomplishes this immediately by eliminating almost all of the initial configuration chores and adding applications and customizations that dramatically enhance the Autodesk Fabrication Solutions.

The Enceptia Imperial Configuration Pack includes services, templates and reports that are custom made for the USA market. The Pipe Rack Calculator quickly determines the correct spacing of pipes and rack sizes. Switcher makes changing the dozens of local and network settings a snap.

You may also purchase the fabrication tools in the Value Pack on an individual basis:

Imperial (USA Standard) Configuration Pack

The Enceptia Imperial Configuration Pack greatly improves your experience with the Autodesk Fabrication Solutions with a diverse set of enhancements. Autodesk Fabrication customers in the USA can now benefit from hundreds of pre-configured settings, drawing templates, service definitions, code specifications, workflow palettes and more than twenty essential reports. The Enceptia Imperial Configuration Pack also substantially reduces design time while providing more complete, accurate and professional deliverables.
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Pipe Rack Calculator 2014

The Enceptia Pipe Rack Calculator simplifies and optimizes hanger design. This handy reference application works within CADmep to quickly and easily allow piping and plumbing designers to correctly space pipes on hangers and racks with standard clearances. It calculates the center to center dimensions of pipes on a trapeze hanger, taking into account the piping material and thickness of insulation.
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Switcher 2014

The Enceptia Switcher provides Autodesk Fabrication Solutions users with one central application from which to quickly and easily manage configuration settings and options. Switcher can also copy network resource libraries to the local computer for use in the field. Quickly unplug and take your Fabrication database with you for meetings and remote work. You can just as easily plug back in and update your work.
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