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Revit 2014 Worksharing Whitepaper

By Matt Dillon

It only took 3 years, but I finally got around to updating (re-writing, actually), the Worksharing Whitepaper originally posted back in 2011. Up to date for Revit 2014 to include Worksharing Display modes, disabling worksets, central file maintenance as well as setting up a workshared project and worksharing workflow. Get it here.

De-mystifying 3ds Max Design Rendering and Animation for Building Design

By Matt Dillon

I’ve just completed a white paper on the rendering process for Revit models imported into 3ds Max Design, focusing on the lighting settings you need to create exterior and interior still images, including nighttime scenes. I’ve also included a section on best practices for rendering output for both still images and animations, including a section on how to use Video Post to combine mulitple animation sequences into one continuous longer animation complete with transitions. Get your copy here!

Bing Maps in 2014

By Jason Porter

For years we were all happy utilizing the Google Earth importing tools in Civil 3D. Then in Civil 3D 2013 Google Earth pulled the plug and we no longer had that ability. Continue reading

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